How to get it photo-ready

Photos tend to look best with the least amount of stuff as possible

A neat and organize place will always attract more people, please kindly tuck away person items and counter-top appliances.

A quick guide for home preparation:

Turn on all interior lights

Make sure ceiling fans are shut off 

Remove personal items

Clean & clear off counter-tops

Make all beds

Tuck away trash cans

Dirt really shows

 A missed stain on the kitchen floor, dust on the mantel, slight discoloration in the carpet—it’s all going to show in the photos. Happily, a pro can edit most of those things out, but your house needs to be as clean as possible before the shoot. 

It's in the details

 The day of your shoot, do a final sweep and look for anything you might have missed. During your run-through, pay extra attention to blinds, curtains, bedspreads, and shower curtains, making sure they are in place and smooth. 

 Make the most of your home’s best features. Minimize accessories so buyers can imagine their own treasures displayed. Only 8% of buyers can envision themselves in the home. Replace tired bedding and linens, clean the carpet and windows. Hide cords, extra appliances, laundry hampers, shoes, toys and pet necessities, allowing the buyer to see the home’s full potential.   


If the home is occupied, please convey to the residents that it is their responsibility to have the house prepared on photo day. Your photographer is willing to help move light, small things, but will not have the time to stage a room. It is very important to be prepared when she arrives. 

Closets & Garages

Unless specially requested, closets and garage interiors are not photographed, so feel free to store knickknacks, doodads & personal items there!  


Make sure driveways are clear when photographer arrives.

Also the backyard also needs to be a clutter-free zone, hide toys & trash cans, hoses etc. 


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